100% bpa free gym keg half gallon water bottle

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Why the Gymkeg?

Choose from multiple stunning designs to match your style.

Keep your water cool all day with our patent pending neoprene sleeves.

Carry your recommended daily water intake with you on the move.

Gymkeg in use

Any Questions?

Its a waterbottle straight after a 12 week strength cycle, quite simply. But you might still have a few questions...

No, not at all! The Gym Keg is ideal for the gym, outdoor sports and office use! Take your stylish Original Gym Keg with you wherever you go. Our half gallon water bottle includes a handle, making it easy to carry with you on the move.

The Gym Keg has a huge 2.2 litre capacity, holding enough water to meet your sports needs and daily recommended water intake.

Lightweight by design, the Gym Keg is highly portable. The Gym Keg uses BPA Free plastic meaning you can rest assured that your water bottle is environmentally friendly.

We have listened to the concerns of customers of similar competing products about sports water bottles splitting when they are dropped. The Gym Keg strives to be a leader in the Health and Fitness industry and has created a unique Gym Bottle design with a neoprene casing to prevent the bottle from breaking. The unique neoprene case design also helps to keep your water cool through the process of insulation.

As well as the patent pending neoprene sleeves and the use of BPA Free environmentally friendly plastic in our designs the Gym Keg offers other exclusive features. The pop cap design gives you easy and secure access to your water whenever you need it and the Gym Keg is also leak proof.

The Gym Keg currently has a twitter, Facebook and an Instagram page. We will also be launching a Youtube channel very soon! Please follow our social media channels for the latest Gym Keg news, fitness

You can also follow our active fitness blog. This is kept up to date on a weekly basis and features interesting fitness related content, to keep you in tip top shape!

If you would like to become an ambassador for the Gym Keg, please write an e-mail to mike@perserva.co.uk with the title “Gym Keg Ambassador Application” and we will write back to you with details of our Ambassador pack!