5 Alternative Cardio Workouts That Don’t Involve Jogging Or Running

5 Alternative Cardio Workouts That Don’t Involve Jogging Or Running

Both jogging and running have been regarded as classic forms of cardio workouts and are used by many people who want to raise their heart rate, get fit and burn fat. However, did you know that it is not the most effective cardio workout? Yes it is simple and easy to perform, but it won’t lead to the best results. Let’s take a closer lookout at some killer cardio workouts that you might want to try out as a replacement.


You may not think that skipping is a hard workout at first, but that is bound to change when you reach 100 to 200 jumps! Skipping is brilliant for both your lower and upper body muscles and has the added benefit of engaging your core muscles as you skip. From a cardiovascular point of view, skipping takes a lot of energy to repeatedly jump off the ground over and over again. Once you’ve reached at least a few hundred jumps, you will have gained a far better workout than going for a jog.

High-Intensity Interval Training

Feel like upping the tempo in your workout? Try high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Combining high-intensity with low-intensity intervals gives your body a different kind of workout, which leads to more calories being burnt overall, making it an ideal exercise for fat burning. Another bonus of working out this way is that it is very time efficient.


The stationary bike can be used in a variety of different ways. With a high tempo spinning class, your workout will be harder than any run, a lot more effective and fun to do! If you want to add a bit of variety to your workout schedule, try a spinning class.

Plyometric Training

Commonly referred to as “jump training”, plyometric training focuses on the joints, muscles and coordination making you a faster, more agile jumper. As each movement requires you to jump, the body gets a killer workout as you have to use a lot of energy to generate the explosive force for each jump. As well as being a great alternative cardio workout, plyometric training will naturally make you more agile and nimble.


Have you ever attempted to climb ten flights of stairs or more? If you have, you probably have an idea of how exhausting it can be. A Stairmaster simulates the climbing of stairs, all within the comfort of the gym. Using the Stairmaster provides a great lower body workout.

In summary, if you don’t enjoy jogging or running, you can always try some of these alternative cardio workouts listed above to give your body a fantastic workout!