The Benefits Of Yoga

The Benefits of Yoga

Reducing stress and increasing flexibility are just some of the benefits of yoga. In this article, we’ll explore seven benefits that you can expect from regular yoga practice.

7 Benefits of Yoga

1. All-round Fitness

All forms of exercise have been shown to alleviate depression in those that suffer with the condition and yoga is no different. In fact, a study conducted in 2013 [1] found that regular yoga sessions helped those with depression and schizophrenia.

Yoga is beneficial not only for your physical fitness but also your mental and emotional health.

Yoga postures help boost your physical strength and (pranayama) breathing and meditation complete the holistic fitness package.

With consistent practice of yoga you can expect the following benefits:

  • Improved health
  • Greater mental strength
  • An increase in your physical power
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Injury protection

2. Weight Loss

An active yoga class will help you to burn calories and help you to start losing any unwanted extra body fat. A study in 2009 [2] showed that yoga’s weight loss benefits extend beyond simply calorie burning. The study found that yoga helps to create a state of mindfulness which can help you to fight food cravings.

3. Stress Relief and Peace of Mind

Yoga helps to subdue a busy mind. It can help to slow down the vicious mental loops of anger, fear, regret, frustration and fear that can all cause stress. Increased stress levels have been linked to many health problems including, headaches, insomnia high blood pressure and even heart attacks, so learning to quieten your mind, will likely result in you leading a healthier and longer life.

4. Boost Immunity

A study conducted in 2013 discovered that the practice of yoga results in positive changes in gene expression that boost immunity at a cellular level [3]. The results of the participants who partook in yoga were far superior to a control group who instead went on a nature hike accompanied with soothing music. It is thought that yoga also helps to strengthen your immune system simply by increasing your overall health.

5. Better Relationships

Yogic philosophy’s focus on telling the truth, taking only what you need and not harming others are great lessons that will help to improve your relationships with people. Achieving relaxation and a happier state of mind through yoga will also help you to deal with sensitive relation matters.

6. Better Sleep

A 2004 study found that people with insomnia had significantly improved quality of sleep, after eight weeks of daily yoga [4]. In support of this, a 2010 study found that yoga improved sleep and quality of life for cancer survivors [5]. Better sleep can be linked to the stress relieving abilities of yoga.

7. Improved Sexual Performance

Studies have shown that regular yoga sessions over a 12 week period increased sexual arousal,
desire, confidence, performance and satisfaction for both women [6] and men [7]. Physically, yoga helps to increase the blood flow into the genitals, important for both arousal and erections.
Mentally, the breathing techniques and calming of the mind associated with yoga can also improve sexual performance.