Best Snack Foods To Buy In Bulk

Best Snack Foods To Buy In Bulk

One of the main reasons a lot of people claim that they cannot eat healthily is due to the cost. However, armed with a few tips and tricks, it is possible to eat healthily on a budget.

One of our main tips is to buy certain foods in bulk, which means that you end up paying a lower price per serving. Whilst not all food items available to buy in bulk will provide your body with a good source of fuel, there are definitely some health gems to lookout for in your local bulk foods store.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best snack foods to buy in bulk to provide your body with optimum nutrition, that won’t break the bank.


First up, are the nutritional powerhouses nuts. Nuts provide the body with a substantial dose of healthy fats, protein and fibre. As nuts are calorie dense, you’ll need to limit yourself to no more than one or two handfuls a day. Nuts are the perfect snack to have when you’re on the move.

When you visit your local bulk buy store, you may encounter a wide variety of nuts for sale. Try and go for the unsalted varieties whenever possible, in order to keep your sodium intake under control.

Dark Chocolate Chips

Dark chocolate chips are another great snack that you can normally buy from a bulk foods store. When searching for them, make sure that the percentage of cocoa is as high as possible. They can be a fantastic way to take away any hunger cravings that you may have during the day. Dark chocolate is both rich in antioxidants and also contains a good dose of healthy fats.

Dried Apple Chips

Next up on the list of healthy snack foods to buy in bulk are dried apple chips. Be sure to store these in a sealed Tupperware container so that they stay fresh for longer. Though you may find other dried fruit tempting to buy, try and avoid it as they are often coated with sugar and/or oil.

So there we have it, the 3 best snack foods to buy in bulk, which snack food appeals to you the most from our list? Let us know on our Twitter or Facebook pages!