Clean Eating On A Budget: Is It Possible?

Clean Eating On A Budget

You might think that to eat healthily on a regular basis is a privilege reserved only for the well off. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In this article, we will be looking at how clean eating on a budget is possible.

Clean eating is in fact, one of the most budget-friendly, healthy lifestyles that you can adopt.

Focusing on fruits, vegetables and lean meats is the key here. They may already be part of your weekly shopping list, but get overlooked for convenient, pre-packaged processed meals. You will become healthier and stronger following this way of living, as you will be avoiding food full of additives and chemicals.

Here are some easy to follow tips to eat clean on a budget:

  • Know What You’re Shopping For

This first step is very important, labels can be deceiving so before hurling everything that says “organic” or “natural” into your shopping trolley, have a read of the list of ingredients. Take “natural” peanut butter for example, if it contains anything other than peanuts and a little salt it is likely to not be “natural” peanut butter.

Being more aware of what you put in your trolley, means that you will be able to spot products with additives and added sugar in them and not include them. In addition to this you will avoid expensive products that aren’t actually good for you.

  • Look Out For Other Shopping Venues

You may already have a designated shop where you do all of your shopping, but if you want the best deals and the freshest produce, it may be wise to look around for other shops in your area.

Try asking your friends what shops they use and see if there are any shops worth driving a few minutes more for.

  • Bulk Buy The Foods That You Buy The Most

If you tend to use some foods very often in your cooking, then you may want to consider bulk buying them.

Whole grains are both very popular and very common. They include foods such as brown rice, brown pasta and oats. You might want to consider buying large bottles of cooking oil too such as olive oil.

Other foods you may want to consider buying in bulk are nuts, beans and legumes.

  • Store Properly And Freeze

This is one of the most important parts of clean eating on a budget, storing your food. When not stored at an ideal temperature, fresh produce can go off easily, leading to wasted food. The last thing you want to do is waste money when you’re on a budget.

Make sure your fruits and veggies are stored away in the fridge in airtight containers, this will help to prolong their shelf-life.

Alternatively, you can freeze some of them too, this is especially useful if you plan on making smoothies or frozen desserts.

Another clean eating on a budget tactic is to store any leftovers in your fridge and eat them as a meal the next day.