Different Types of Aerobic Exercise

Different Types Of Aerobic Exercise

Eager to start exercising but not sure where to start? Do not fear! In this guide to different types of aerobic exercise, we’ll be focusing on the most popular types of aerobic exercise.


Starting off with one of the safest, low-impact aerobic exercises, walking has an array of health benefits, including: Improved cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure and stronger leg muscles.

Most people can perform this simple natural exercise and it’s especially good if you happen to be new to physical activity, overweight or pregnant. You’ll start to see benefits with just 30 minutes a day of walking and walking up and down inclines will further boost your stamina and leg strength.


Like walking, the advantage of running is that it is inexpensive and you can do it at anytime, anywhere. If you’re new to running you may want to consider jogging first, which is still a great aerobic exercise despite its slower pace. You can make your jogging or running sessions more of a social activity by inviting a friend or joining a group. If this appeals to you, have a look around your area for a local running club. Running is a higher impact exercise than walking so the risk of injury is slightly higher but don’t let that put you off. Running is beneficial for both heart and bone health.


If you’re keen to exercise on a hot day but don’t fancy walking or running in the heat, swimming is a great option. Swimming is a low-cost activity which provides a whole body workout, utilising all muscles of the body. As the water helps to support your body weight and reduces the pressure on your joints, swimming is perfect for those who are pregnant, overweight or have joint problems. Another advantage of swimming over other types of cardio exercise is the risk of injury is low.


Like walking and running, cycling is a great low cost exercise for improving leg strength. However, cycling doesn’t put as much stress on the joints in comparison. If you’re not so keen cycling on the open road, stationary exercise bikes at your local gym make a good alternative.

You might find that your gym runs regular spinning classes, which are another great indoor cycling option. Choreographed to music, you will cycle at different paces for a 30 to 45 minute period.


Boxing is a fantastic way to let off steam and provides a good upper body workout. Check with your local gym If they run boxing classes. Classes generally follow one of two formats. You will either be paired with a sparring partner and take it in turns to hold boxing pads while your partner punches them wearing boxing gloves, or you will simulate boxing moves by air punching and other moves, with no boxing gloves or pads. In addition to this, you can also box using a punch bag at the gym or even in the comfort of your own home. Be aware that boxing does carry a small amount of injury risk to your wrists and hands if you’re punching boxing pads or a punch bag.


If you’re looking for an aerobic exercise that boosts your heart health and strengthens your upper body, back and abdomen muscles then rowing offers the perfect solution. If you’d like to row outdoors, consider hiring a rowing boat or better still, join your local rowing club. If you’d prefer, you can row using a rowing machine either at home or the gym.

Looking through this list of different types of aerobic exercise, which ones appeal to you most?

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