Facts About Feet

Facts About Feet

Feet are amazing, functional anatomical structures and believe it or not there are many unusual facts relating to them.

Did you know that our feet contain 25% of all bones that are found in the body? Yes that’s right, each foot has 26 bones, which toughen up as you approach adulthood at around 21 years old, reports Mental Floss. Furthermore, feet have nearly 8000 nerves, which explains why they can be so ticklish!

EveryDay Health reports that as well as having 26 bones and multiple nerves, each foot also contains 100 tendons, 33 joints and 25,000 sweat glands.

And feet are changing! Over the last 30 years, there has been a significant change in size. Everyday Health reports that the most bought shoe sizes in America are 10.5 for men and 8.5 for women. This represents a change by one size for both women and men from figures 30 years ago. On the subject of shoe size, the myth that a man’s shoe size corresponds with the size of his genitalia can safely be put to bed! Yes, a study was actually conducted on this in 2002, using 104 male participants who were measured at St Mary’s Hospital in London, according to The Telegraph.

Foot state that it takes approximately 6 months to grow a brand new toenail. Roughly 5% of Americans report having toenail issues and this could be related to 75% of people wearing the wrong size shoes according to The Telegraph! It is thought that many people misjudge the size of their feet or simply don’t bother to change their shoes even when their foot shape may have changed.

Finally, on a more humorous note, there are some truly bizarre events which are based around feet, such as Ireland’s foot cheese exhibition and yes it is as awful as it sounds! Mental Floss report that in 2013, an exhibition took place in Dublin, displaying various kinds of cheese which were created using bacteria samples from people’s feet!

Do you have any more fun or factual facts about feet? We’d love to hear from you!