5 Ways To Get Fit Without A Gym

5 Ways To Get Fit Without A Gym

Whilst the gym might seem the most logical option for getting in shape it can be expensive and eat into your free-time.

Even very basic gym memberships can add up to hundreds of pounds a year and adding personal trainers is even more expensive. Whilst personal training sessions can be very useful for getting fit, it is possible to get into shape for much less money.

On top of this, commuting back and forth to the gym can take a lot of time depending on the location of your gym. Wouldn’t it be great if you could achieve the same level of fitness in the comfort of your own home?

If you’re looking to get fit and want to save both time and money, here are some tips on how you can get fit without a gym:

  • Lookout for free workout videos

The great thing about the majority of free workout videos, is that they give you a tremendous amount of flexibility, as you can perform the workouts practically anywhere, without the need for expensive equipment or a gym membership.

  • Walk whenever possible

Yes, believe it or not walking is one of the most underrated exercises on the planet! Try adding some extra steps into your day by parking a little further away than where you normally park, or by taking your dog for an extra walk. If you want to make walking more fun, join a local walk group or get together with some friends and organize a walk.

  • Take The Stairs

While it makes sense to use the lift if your apartment is on the 15th floor, try using the stairs whenever possible for added health benefits. In fact, it has been proven that climbing up stairs burns more calories per minute than jogging!

  • Consider getting some basic fitness equipment

If you’re after a great home workout, you can’t go wrong with a gym ball, skipping rope and some dumbbells! Don’t worry if you can’t afford gym equipment at the moment, try asking friends and family if they have any that they don’t use anymore.

  • Incorporate bodyweight exercises into your routine

Try to incorporate bodyweight exercises into your routine where you can including: Push-ups, star jumps, squats and planks.

Has this article inspired you to get creative outside of the gym? Let us know!