Health Myths Commonly Mistaken For Facts

Health Myths Commonly Mistaken For Facts

Whilst you may be doing your best at trying to live a healthy lifestyle, there are a few health myth commonly mistaken for facts that you should be aware of. Lets take a closer look at some of the myths relating to food, exercise and beauty that should be forgotten!

No Pain No Gain?

When you leave the gym and you feel “the burn” you probably feel quite proud of yourself as no pain, no gain right? With this phrase commonly used on slogans and clothing it must be true! Be warned, according to Everyday Health this common saying is actually a myth.

The truth is you should never exercise through pain, unless you have an injury that you are aware of and your exercise routine is part of a supervised rehabilitation program. In the majority of cases, being in pain is often the sign of being injured.

Snacking Is Bad For You

As a child you were most likely repeatedly told by your mother that snacking is bad for you, in order to make sure that you ate your dinner every day. However this statement is simply not true. Age UK state that snacking is not at all bad for you and consuming food every three to four hours is absolutely fine, provided you make sensible choices. Go easy on the chocolate!

Performing Crunches Will Give You A Six Pack

For the majority of us, the problem area when it comes to fat storage is around our waistlines and some people falsely believe that performing multiple crunches will help them to torch their belly fat. Unfortunately it’s not that simple. Everyday Health state that you need to reduce your calorie intake in order to get rid of excess belly fat. One pound of fat equates to 3500 calories.

Eating Spicy Food Can Lead To Ulcers 

You may have heard a rumour that indulging in spicy foods can damage your stomach lining and lead to ulcers. There’s no need to worry, a study published in Real Simple, found that there was no effect on participants stomach linings after eating a meal of ground jalapenos.

Drinking Milk Can Make Mucus Worse

When you’ve fallen ill in the past, you may have been advised to steer clear of milk, a it makes mucus worse. However, ABC state that milk does not affect mucus production and whilst many feel a if their symptoms worsen after consuming milk, there is no scientific evidence to back this up.