Healthy Junk Food

When it comes to dietary recommendations, things are often not very simple. In today’s climate, it is common for nutritionists to make blanket recommendations on food, which are often riddled with inconsistencies. Let’s take a look at some so called “bad” foods, or healthy junk food, which in moderation can actually be quite good for you.

  1. Fried Breakfast

 Scientists believe that breakfast is a very important meal, as it programs the metabolism for the rest of the day. A fried breakfast consisting of sausages, bacon, eggs and beans is a fatty meal, which will help the body break down fat as the day progresses.

The International Journal of Obesity states that a carbohydrate rich breakfast in contrast, prepares the body to break down carbohydrates.

A full English breakfast contains approximately 950 calories.

  1. Pizza

 Customizing your pizza is the way to go here, if you’re after nutritional value. Choose a whole wheat, thin crust pizza, with either ham or chicken and a lot of vegetables.

With the cheese comes calcium and the tomato sauce provides vitamins A and C alongside the cancer fighting lycopene. With a generous topping of vegetables, your pizza will also be high in fibre.

  1. Fish And Chips

Although fish and chips tend to be high in fat and calories, the fish provides a lot of nutritional value. A portion will provide you with vitamin B6 and B12, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acid and some calcium, iodine, iron and zinc.

In moderation, fish and chips can be eaten as part of a healthy diet. Make it healthier by sharing your chips and having some peas with it.

On average, a portion of fish and chips bought from a chippie, will contain approximately 850 calories.

  1. Curry

 Research has suggested that eating a curry twice a week could prevent you from contracting dementia. The research carried out in Sweden, gave curcumin, the main ingredient in turmeric to fruit flies and discovered that they lived 75 per cent longer. This may explain why rates of dementia are significantly lower among the elderly population in India, when compared to their Western counterparts. Curry can definitely be considered to be a healthy junk food.

  1. Chocolate

When you mention chocolate, you might think of its high sugar and fat content.

However cocoa is rich in flavonoids that are good for your heart. You’ll find the most cocoa content in dark chocolate. Greek researchers recently discovered that eating dark chocolate containing 100 milligrams of flavonoids helps to relax the blood vessels, meaning better blood flow to your heart. Dark chocolate is another example of a healthy junk food, if eaten in moderation.

In 100 grams of dark chocolate there are 550 calories.

  1. Milk Shake

 You might think of milk shakes as high calorie treats, however there are actually very nutritious, primarily due to the milk content.

Milk provides a great source of riboflavin, calcium and vitamin B12, which is particularly important for bone strength in growing children. As a healthy added extra try adding fresh fruit to make a delicious low sugar smoothie.

  1. Alcohol

 This maybe surprising to some, but a Harvard study of over 18,000 men found that those who had two alcoholic drinks every day, had the lowest risk of a heart attack. It was also discovered that men who drank the same daily amount had lower levels of abdominal fat than those who drank only a couple of times a week but had more than four drinks each time.

So the take home message is to drink a little often, rather than drink a lot less frequently when it comes to alcohol.