High Carb Diet For Weight Loss

Many people are aware that cutting back on carbohydrates as part of a diet plan can work for short-term weight loss. The problem is that this weight is usually put back on and then some when carbohydrates are re-introduced back into the diet at a later stage. You’ll pleased to hear that new research is coming out, which has found that high carbohydrate diets can be equally as effective for weight loss. A high carb diet for weight loss promotes heart and digestive health and also helps to promote a longer life.

Carbohydrate Sources

When embarking on a high carb diet for weight loss, focus on including complex carbohydrates with your meals, these will help to provide your body with sustained energy levels and help you to lose weight and stay lean in the long-term.

Carbohydrates are your body’s preferred source of fuel and also great for suppressing feelings of hunger. Eating complex carbohydrates can help you to feel fuller for longer as they are digested at a slow pace. You will no longer crave foods nor have the urge to overeat. Yes that’s right, carbohydrates curb your hunger and minimize cravings!

Another fantastic benefit of a high carb diet for weight loss is that through eating complex carbohydrates, you can help to keep your blood sugar under control. Look to swap simple carbs such as white rice to complex carb sources, such as brown rice. Through regularly eating complex carbs such as brown rice, oats and wholewheat pasta you will be keeping your blood sugar levels in check.

One of the main reasons why a high carb diet is great for weight loss, is that it speeds up your metabolism. In order to make a high carb diet work for you, you should know what you should be eating. Check out our article on sources of carbohydrates and discover what differentiates a healthy carb from an unhealthy one.