How To Keep Working Out Without Overtraining

How To Keep Working Out Without Overtraining

Overtraining can affect anyone at some point in their lives, especially athletes and long distance runners. It is usually brought on by a combination of factors, namely insufficient rest and recovery time, pushing too hard and perhaps unsuitable eating habits and stress from work and everyday life. It can leave you feeling unmotivated, overwhelmed and ultimately uninspired in the gym.

This article aims to arm you with tips and techniques on how to keep working out without burning out.


Starting with the basics, sleeping well plays a vital role in your workout performance. People who don’t sleep enough, tend to feel tired during the day, which will have a big effect on your ability to workout. Try to stick to a regular sleep schedule to ensure that you feel well rested in the mornings. Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep a night. This is especially important following an intense training session.

Recover Properly

Following an intense workout, you will need between 48-72 hours of rest for the muscles that you worked. Try including dynamic stretches into your routine to ensure proper recovery and to keep your muscles and joints supple.

Eat The Right Foods

Protein contains many amino acids which are essential for muscle recovery and thus the best post-workout nutrient. That said, don’t forget the carbs! Carbohydrates replenish depleted glycogen stores, keeping your body running efficiently. Cutting back on carbs can lead to muscle catabolism. Combine carbs and protein after working out for the perfect post-workout meal/drink.

Know Your Limits

It is important to be in tune with your body, if you feel sluggish and drained, then skipping a workout might be just what the doctor ordered. There is a higher risk that you will injure yourself if you work out when you are tired. If you ever feel, stressed, overwhelmed or simply too tired to work out, listen to your body’s signals and take a day off to let yourself recover properly.

Treat Yourself To A Massage

Is your body feeling stiff? Are your muscles tight? Treat yourself to a deep tissue massage, they can do wonders, by helping to rid the body of excess lactic acid. After your massage, you will feel refreshed and ready to hit the gym again.