How To Start Beach Running

How To Start Beach Running

If you could run in any environment that you wanted, wouldn’t you choose the beach? With the stunning ocean to one side, beautiful sand under foot and a blue sky with a bright sun overhead, the beach is one of, if not the best locations to go for a run.

On top of this, running on the sand makes for a tough workout! Sand has a low density, meaning that each step requires more energy. You’ll find it hard to cover the same amount of distance that you normally run when running on sand.

The purpose of this article is to arm you with tips to make you a better beach runner!

Run On The Wet Sand On The Water’s Edge

The most challenging place to run on the beach is along the thick, soft sand which is set back away from the water’s edge. Running through this type of sand, will make you feel like you’re running through snow with each step! Instead, make your way to the water’s edge, where you’ll find hard-packed sand, which will provide you with a more solid platform to run on.

Run Barefoot

If you don’t require support from shoes when running, try running barefoot on the beach. This will mean that you can run on the hard-packed sand close to the water. This will make for a more natural running experience and you will feel more at one with your surroundings.

Shorten Your Run

It makes sense to shorten the total distance that you cover, as beach running requires a lot more effort than conventional running. If you cover distances of 5 kilometres or more, consider shaving off a mile as you will feel the burn a lot quicker running on the sandy surface.

Embrace The Difficulty

Why not try upping the intensity on your shorter workout on the sand? You’ll feel the burn quicker on the sand and increase your heart rate significantly. Running on the beach can be likened to hill running in terms of the intensity, so you’ll get a super effective workout with much less time invested.

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