Making the Most Out Of Your Leftovers

Making the Most Out Of Your Leftovers

There is a plethora of fantastic produce available at your local farmer’s market during the summer. With endless choices, it’s natural to want to stock up on all of those tempting delicious treats. However, you are likely to be left with a substantial amount of leftovers after preparing your meals and this article will focus on ways on which you can use your excess produce.


First up, it’s the nice and simple salad. Traditional salad vegetables include: Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumber and carrots, but why not throw in some more adventurous food? If you have a sweet tooth, you could try chucking in some fruit such as blueberries, pears, apples and grapes. If you enjoy a salty taste, try adding some nuts, or even some blue or feta cheese.

If you’re lucky enough to have some leftover roasted vegetables from a meal, why not throw them into your salad? You can choose to serve them either warm or cold and they will add interesting textures and flavours to your salad.

Smoothies And Juices

Add a little of what you fancy, pop in a sweet fruit, add some liquid and give it a quick blend for a nice and easy snack or even meal replacement!
The great thing about making smoothies or juices, is that there are no rules to what ingredients you use for your creation! Trial and error is a fun way of creating the smoothie of your dreams, with some combinations tasting better than others.


Have any vegetable leftovers? Try chopping them up and whisking them with some eggs before adding a touch of salt and pepper for an easy to make, delicious and healthy meal. Simply pour the whisked ingredients into a frying pan and cook yourself a lovely omelette.


And finally, the pizza! A margherita pizza base offers the perfect platform to add your favourite veggies or even fruit to. Apples and pears in particular hold there form well when baked, so bear this in mind.

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