Meal Planning For Weight Loss

Meal Planning For Weight Loss

There is a lot of truth in the saying “abs are made in the kitchen”. People can often give their all at the gym, but due to slacking on their diet, not see any real results in the mirror. In order to achieve the body of your dreams you need to pay as much attention to the food you consume daily, as you do to the way you intend to burn calories.

To avoid becoming overwhelmed with the idea of planning your meals, we advise to start off small and to keep it simple.

Plan Ahead

When meal planning for weight loss, the first thing to sort out is the actual forward planning. The internet is a great tool for this step! Do some research online and look for a few foods that you would enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner and the occasional snack. Whilst some people are fine with eating the same food for days in a row, others may find the need for a bit of variety. By planning ahead you will save yourself some money when you next visit the grocery store, through choosing just a few options for each meal.

Cook In Bulk

It can be very tempting to use a drive-through service on the way home from work after a long day instead of cooking. To overcome this, try cooking up some pre-prepared meals in bulk on the weekend. Marinate and prepare your choice of meat for the week, then cook it all at once. Sources of carbohydrate such as brown rice can also be cooked in advance and heated up as and when needed during the week. Buy frozen vegetables that can be heated up and used easily with your choices of protein and carbohydrates.

If you fancy some sandwiches, make up a few in advance.

Storing Your Meals

Once you’ve planned and cooked your meals, you’re going to need somewhere to store them. You can choose from individual containers that hold a single serving of each meal and/or larger containers that will hold a large quantity of food. Make sure that the containers that you buy are microwave and/or freezer safe. Meals can be stored in bulk in either the fridge or freezer.