Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

As we approach the winter season, the probability of catching an illness from your children or work colleagues starts to increase. There are many people who are against taking over the counter medications for colds and flus and the purpose of this article is to arm you with alternative natural cold and flu remedies. The following four natural remedies can be used for the treatment of cold and flu symptoms.


Used since ancient times, elderberries pack a powerful combination of antioxidants and flavonoids. There are numerous studies that demonstrate that the fruit can increase the strength of your immune system, which shortens the length of illnesses. You should be able to find either fresh or frozen elderberries at your local supermarket, but if you can’t, try using it in syrup form instead.


High in potency, ginger contains anti-viral properties which can help to relieve congestion caused by colds and flu. It can help to soothe a sore throat or stomach, suppress any nasty coughs, and will help to naturally lower any fever. You could try juicing up a small bit of ginger into a smoothie recipe or preparing some hot ginger tea to help combat any symptoms you may be experiencing.

Raw Honey

Eating this tasty natural substance can help to soothe a sore throat in no time at all. It acts as an immune system booster, allowing you to overcome your cold and flu symptoms quickly with no side effects. Studies have shown that raw honey can help with coughs to, meaning that you can get better sleep and recover quicker. When buying a honey, go for a high quality raw version to gain the most benefit.

Bone Broth

It may not sound like the most tempting of options, but this soup can help to bolster your immune system, without having a heavy impact on your digestive system. As it is rich in amino acids, it will help to break down thick mucus, making it easier for you to breathe. Try using pork or beef bones to add flavour to your broth and vegetables to add vitamins to your concoction.