Puppy Pilates: Everything You Need To Know

If you’re a lover of dogs, then what could possibly be better than incorporating a group of puppies into a body strengthening class for an hour? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that someone has already dreamt up the concept, with a new craze sweeping the fitness industry – Puppy pilates!

In fact this is only one of the new health and fitness crazes involving animal to emerge in recent times. Puppy pilates might be one of the most appealing exercises you can do with pets as they are known to be great workout companions and are often used for rehabilitation purposes.

Puppy pilates first started to make headlines when a boutique studio known as Cisco Pilates located in North Carolina in the United States announced plans to host pilates classes, surrounded by the loveable creatures. Classes are just $10 with proceeds going to an organization known as the Asheville Humane Society, which offers accommodation and care for animals in the area. Participants of the classes were also offered the possibility to take the puppies home for the day!

Only two classes have been held thus far, both of which sold out almost immediately, indicating that there is clearly a demand for this kind of activity. The idea is very creative and also does a lot of good. Pilates helps to strengthen the core and seeing and cuddling the puppies is bound to release mood boosting endorphins.

As for the possibility of puppy pilates classes coming to the United Kingdom in the near future, the celebrity Sinitta Malone plans to make her own business from puppy pilates classes, as she believes they will be a big hit with dog owners who are concerned with their own health as well as the health of their pets.

So who knows, we could start seeing puppy pilates classes appearing worldwide, watch this space!

If you have been to a puppy pilates class or would love to get involved let us know in the comments section or on our social media channels!