Taking On An Obstacle Course Race

Taking On An Obstacle Course Race

Are you thinking of taking part in an action packed obstacle course such as the Tough Mudder? You’re in for a treat, they can be so much fun! They involve taking a traditional running race and adding multiple levels of challenges such as foam traps, rope ladders, slides and much more! They can really enhance your running experience.

Let’s go through some important things to know before you take part in an obstacle race.

It isn’t just a run

You may have been running for months or even years and can cover a 5 kilometre distance with no issues. However, obstacle courses are a different kettle of fish. They may involve, crawling, climbing, jumping and other physically demanding exercises which can fatigue your muscles. As a result, you may find yourself running out of energy at a faster pace. If you can, see if you can include obstacles into your runs, this could involve climbing over a fence, or doing push ups and/or pull-ups.

Dress appropriately

Depending on what type of obstacle course you run in, your attire can make all the difference. For instance, if you choose a mud run, light, tight-fitting clothing can help as it is less likely to become heavy when you get wet and muddy. For a climbing based obstacle course, we recommend loose clothing that will allow you to move freely. For races involving foam, we recommend quick drying clothing if possible. Wearing the right footwear is important too. Whilst running shoes are fantastic for running, you might want to consider a pair of cross-trainers which are more suitable for tackling obstacles.

Take it at your own pace

If you happen to be fairly new to running and obstacle courses, it may be a struggle to finish more demanding races. Try entering an easier obstacle race first, one that you feel confident that you can complete. Getting a feel for obstacle courses will help you to gauge how far you can push your body.

Know your limits

Finally, stay in tune with what your body is feeling. You might not be able to complete the obstacle race you enter and that’s fine. Remember it’s more about having fun and challenging your fitness levels than killing yourself attempting to finish a race that is too hard!

We hope that having read this article that you will feel more comfortable taking on an obstacle race!

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