Tennis Serve Tips

Tennis Serve Tips

Do you get easily frustrated when playing tennis because of your inconsistent serving? Well fear not, it is likely that there are some minor problems with your form and your serving technique and these can be easily solved by following our tennis serve tips. The act of serving is one of the toughest stages of the game. If you can master it, you will have a big advantage over your opponents as it can often be a deciding factor in a tennis match.

Let’s dive into our tennis tips now!

  1. Preparation is key!

If you are unable to consistently serve the ball in, your overall game will suffer. If you are unconfident with serving, you may feel extra pressure and become nervous when it comes around to your service game. Try calming your nerves by bouncing the ball a few extra times and taking some deep breaths before serving. This will help you to focus more on your serve.

  1. Learn the proper grip

The most common grip used by professional tennis players for control and to generate power is the “continental grip”.

Grip your tennis racquet as if it were a hammer with the edge perpendicular to the ground.

  1. Get to know your style of play

If you have a powerful serve, this will allow you to “serve and volley”, a technique where you run up to the net after serving. If you feel more comfortable hitting groundstrokes, you may be more suited to baseline play. Those with softer serves will be more suited to a baseline game.

  1. Figure out what type of serve you want to hit and stick with it!

This is a huge problem for a lot of people playing tennis, choosing a specific style of serve and sticking with it. The problem is that a player’s focus can stray from wanting to learn a flat serve one day, to learning a top spin serve the next. Try to focus on only one service style at a time. By focusing on more than one service style at a time, it is likely that you will not train either of them to their full potential and end up with weak serves.

  1. Jump when you serve

By jumping when you serve you gain a height advantage, which boosts your chances of getting your serve inside your opponent’s service box. The explosive power that you will generate by jump serving, allows you to create a lot of spin and force on the ball, making it harder for your opponent to return.

  1. Keep up your strength and practice your serving regularly

If you have a powerful serve, you will require a lot of energy in order to keep your serve consistent throughout the match. To help increase your overall stamina, consider taking up resistance training to build up your strength and practice your serve regularly over prolonged periods of time, so your body gets used to serving even when fatigue sets in.

  1. Improve your mentality – Don’t worry if you miss your first serve

Learning to stay optimistic is paramount when serving, don’t be disheartened if your first serve goes out, you have another chance with the second serve!

So there are our 7 top tennis serve tips, get out there and start practising!