The Best Work Outs For Introverts

The Best Work Outs For Introverts

If you are an introvert that tends to shy away from people, but loves to work out you may find it difficult to go to fitness classes or even a crowded gym. This article is filled with tips to help even the most introverted person find a good work out.

Resistance Training

Resistance training accompanied with music, is a great solo workout where you can focus on your body movements without distraction. Occasionally you may need a spotter every now and then, but other than that no one is going to disturb you.


Swimming is far more than just a means of getting some peace and quiet; It’s a fantastic cardiovascular and muscle building workout. If you can squeeze in a swim during off-peak hours you can get a swimming lane all to yourself. You may even get the privilege to swim in your own lane for the duration of your workout. Swimming represents much more than just a way to get a bit of peace and quiet.


Running outside in the great outdoors can be a fantastic workout and a brilliant way to naturally release endorphins. During your run, how about listening to an audiobook or some music? Running is both a great solitary exercise and also fun to do with a partner or in a group.


Like running, cycling represents a fantastic way to workout in the great outdoors. You could try road biking or even mountain biking if you have access to a forest or some trails. Cycling is a great way to burn off calories and can be done on your own, with a partner or in a group.

Cardio Machines

Why not try using some less populated cardio machines next time you are at the gym, such as the step machine or the rowing machine? This may be a good idea to get some space while you work out as you may notice people gravitating towards the stationary bike and treadmill in your local gym.

That wraps up this article on the best work outs for introverts, which workout will you try?