The TRX Suspension Training System Explained

The TRX Suspension Training System Explained

If you take a look around at your local gyms, you might notice that they like to stay up to date with the latest equipment, within their budgets of course. This means that more often than not, if a new piece of equipment has just entered the market and is both beneficial and getting a lot of attention, it will be added. You may have noticed that some pieces of equipment don’t stand the test of time whereas others continue on. The TRX suspension training system has been around for a number of years now, let’s take a closer look at this innovative piece of exercise equipment.


The concept of the TRX was originally developed by a Navy SEAL in 1997 whilst on deployment. Using some equipment that he had at his disposal, he created a basic suspension trainer, which has since morphed into the well known TRX suspension training system that we know today, used by thousands of exercisers globally. The system is fairly simple, two straps that are attached to either a large frame or a ceiling joist, which can be adjusted to perform various body weight exercises.

Challenging Exercise

Whilst the TRX might not seem intimidating, they do present the body with a challenge as the straps are not fixed like a machine. This means that your muscles have to work harder to stabilize you when you perform exercises. Take for example using a chess press machine, the whole movement is guided and controlled. Now compare this with a push up using the TRX, see the difference?

What You Need To Know

If you’re new to exercise you might want to think twice before using the TRX. Whilst a lot of the exercises using the TRX are fine, many might not be safe for a newbie. For example, if you are not able to perform a standing lunge with good form, the last thing you want to do is to place your back foot in a moving strap. It is essential to learn the basics of exercise first as a newbie, before adding the challenge of the TRX. You might want to consider hiring a personal trainer or taking a class with a certified instructor who will be able to show you the correct form and techniques when using the TRX.