3 Valentines Day Fitness Ideas

3 Valentines Day Fitness Ideas

It’s that time of year again, Valentine’s Day and many people find it difficult to choose something to do. Going to watch a movie or eating out at your favourite restaurant are not exactly new ideas. Being one of the top fitness brands in the United Kingdom, we at the Gym Keg have come up with 3 Valentines Day fitness ideas, to celebrate the day with your loved one in a healthy way!

  1. Fitness Based Video Games

If the weather is miserable or if you just fancy staying indoor this Valentine’s Day, playing a fitness based video game is a novel date idea that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. Fitness video games offer both friendly competition as well as an effective workout. There are games across all of todays mainstream, consoles, with many titles to choose from.

If you are an X Box One owner with Kinect, Kinect Sports and Dance Central 3 are great ways to get you into the fitness groove. If you are a Playstation 4 owner, both Sports Champions 2 and Dancestar Party offer a fantastic, fun and interactive way to stay in shape. Finally, if you are a Nintendo Wii owner, Wii Sports Resort, Step To The Beat and ABBA: You Can Dance are perfect for fitness fanatics.

  1. Swimming

Another activity that you can enjoy this Valentine’s Day if the weather isn’t great is swimming. Practice your favourite swimming strokes or try something different from butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke or front crawl. If your local pool has a diving board, you can have a friendly competition with your partner to see who has the best diving technique. If you’re after more of an adrenaline buzz, why not head to a water park and have fun riding the flumes together!

  1. Cycling

If the weather is good, what better way to spend the day with your sweetheart cycling around? You could spend part or even the whole of Valentine’s Day cycling, you can decide how adventurous you feel on the day. Why not prepare a picnic and plan out a cycle route? You could stop at halfway to enjoy your romantic meal for two. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, why not try hiring a tandem and have lots of fun mastering it together!

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