Why you can’t out exercise a bad diet

Why you can’t out exercise a bad diet

You might have been fortunate enough to eat whatever you please and still look and feel great as a teenager and even into your 20’s. However for a lot of people, reaching your 30’s and 40’s can be a turning point, with many carrying extra weight due to their food intake. You might even exercise a lot, but if your food intake is more than it should be, your waistline may suffer. Let’s take a closer look as to why you can’t out exercise a bad diet.

Calories In vs. Calories Out

To put it in simple terms, you will gain weight if you eat more calories than you expend and you will lose weight if you consume less calories than you expend. This would suggest that it might be possible by monitoring a bad diet alongside regular exercise that you could out exercise a bad diet. However things may be a little more complex than that.

Energy and Food

The food that you consume daily acts as fuel for your body. A combination of the three macronutrients carbohydrate, protein and fat are required to give you enough energy to function daily. Have you noticed that some foods will give you balanced energy throughout the day, whilst others can make you feel lethargic? Remember how you felt after that big takeaway meal last weekend? Most people wouldn’t feel like going out for a jog, or indeed going to the gym after such a meal. If you don’t have enough energy to exercise, you won’t be able to out train a bad diet.

Workout Intensity

You can’t expect a 3 mile walk to negate the effects of binge eating the night before. You need to exercise with intensity. Even then, a three mile run might not even burn off the calories you ate the night before, depending on how much you ate. In order to make positive changes to your body, you need to workout hard and consistently. You may not see the results you desire if your workout regime is supplemented with a bad diet.

Underneath The Surface

You might think that all obese people are very unhealthy, whereas all slim people are in good health. This is not always the case. Body weight alone is not a reliable indicator of heath. That being said being overweight increases your risk of certain diseases, however it is not the only factor. Some people that maintain a healthy body weight all year round can still be prone to high cholesterol, high blood pressure , breathing problems and issues with strength and stamina. One should note that each item of food that you consume, has an affect on your body at a cellular level. Choosing better foods will not only help your body internally, but will also aid your efforts at the gym in terms of your physique.

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